UTIs, or urinary tract infections, are quite common and occur more in women. But don’t worry. There are some natural remedies that can help prevent or ease UTI.

Symptoms: pelvic pain, increased urge to urinate, pain with urination, blood in urine, foul smelling urine, frequent urination, bladder spasm, cloudy urine, dark urine, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying

Kidney Infection: When spread to kidneys, it can be dangerous. Symptoms include back pain, nausea, vomiting, and fever.

Going to the Hospital: When you go to the hospital with a UTI, the doctor usually prescribes antibiotics for you and tells you to go home. Antibiotics are important in serious cases and may save your life, but they are often abused. Antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, but also your good bacteria (probiotics). They mess up your microbiome which took years to build up. Overuse of antibiotics can also create bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. That may increase the risk of recurring infections. Furthermore, when your microbiome is destroyed by probiotics, your immune system is weakened, making you more susceptible to infection as well.

Prevention and Remedies for UTI

  • Drink plenty of liquids, especially water, to help promote frequent urination and flush out bacteria.
  • Do not hold in your urine. It’s importantly to urinate frequently when you need to flush out bacteria.
  • Wipe from front to back. If you wipe from back to front, E.coli from feces around your anus can be spread to your urethra, increasing risk of UTI.
  • Wear loose clothes. Wearing loose clothes and underwear help air keep the urethra dry so moisture doesn’t get trapped. Bacteria like to grow in warm and moist places. Some feminine care products can increase risk of UTI. Cotton is a good material because it allows for good air flow. Nylon traps moisture. Spermicides in condoms may also cause irritation increasing UTI risk.
  • Urinate soon after sex. Sex can spread bacteria to your urethra. So urinate soon after to flush it out.
  • Take D-mannose or cranberry juice. D-mannose is a natural sugar that attaches to E. coli in the urinary tract so the bacteria cannot attach to cells and cause infection. They are then flushed out by urine. Cranberry juice naturally contain D-mannose. Some studies show it may help.
  • Probiotics. Probiotics help support your flora and microbiome. They help fight infection and prevent bad bacteria from invading. Eat lots of fermented food like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut. It’s especially important to take probiotics after taking antibiotics to replenish your microbiome.
  • Raw Garlic. Eat crushed, raw garlic. Garlic is a natural antimicrobial substance. Allicin in garlic can help fight against E.coli.
  • Vitamin C. It enhances immune function and helps fight infection

Please consult a medical professional before taking any supplements. Please go see a medical professional if you think you’re having UTI. These natural remedies can help, but it’s still important to get expert advice because infections left untreated can become serious. If you have fever, chills, or nausea, it may be a more serious infection like kidney infection, so call your doctor.