I don’t go to see doctors much, but every time I do, I’ve never had a good experience. I always feel so rushed, like they don’t have time for me. It’s true. The primary care doctors at some hospitals like Kaiser only get 15-20 minutes for each appointment. I’m 20 years old. As a child, my experiences with pediatricians have been good. But let me tell you my experiences with rushed doctors as an adult.

  • I wrote down my health concerns before the appointment. During the appt, I was telling the doctor about them. She said she doesn’t have time to address all my concerns and to only focus on one. I expressed that I felt anxious and depressed, and described my symptoms. She had me fill out some questionnaires and diagnosed me with major depressive disorder. She didn’t refer me to therapy or provide any help for this. She just rushed me out of the office. I chose to switch my primary doctor.
  • Next doctor. I’ve been having random chest pains that sometimes last for minutes on and off for a few days. I make an appointment. I go in and the doctor asks me if I’m in school and what I study. I said I’m a nursing student. She sternly said to me, “You’re a nurse! You should know that young girls like you don’t get heart issues!” Well, that’s not true. Some young people do get heart issues. The doctor made me feel stupid, like I’m making a big deal out of nothing and maybe I shouldn’t have made an appointment. If doctors treated everyone like that, they would be hesitant to go to the doctor. She then says in a stern loud voice, “I see you’re diagnosed with depression. That means you must have anxiety too! Your chest pain is just caused by anxiety! Stop worrying!” I started crying because she didn’t take time to listen to me and she was yelling at me sternly, assuming that it’s due to anxiety when I wasn’t even anxious when the chest pains occurred. She sternly said to me, “Why are you crying? Stop crying! There’s nothing to cry about! Stop worrying!” I think that is completely unprofessional behavior. She did order an EKG though. It was normal.
  • Next doctor. I had a UTI. I told her I was hesitant about taking antibiotics. She prescribed me Ciprofloxacin anyways, one of the strongest antibiotics in the class of fluoroquinolones, along with a shot of Rocephin/Ceftriaxone. She told me to take Advil for the pain from the intramuscular shot. I take the the Ciprofloxacin and Advil when I get home. Then, I suddenly got muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, sudden feeling of cold, and strange sensations on my Achilles’ tendon, I emailed my doctor and she said side effects do happen. I researched it more and found out about fluoroquinolone toxicity. FQ’s actually damage your mitochondrial DNA since mitochondria are bacteria. The FDA issued a black box warning stating that FQ’s increase the risk of spontaneous tendon rupture, tendonitis, long term nerve damage, and long term tendon damage. So many other effects. I also read that FQ’s should not be taken with NSAIDs which Advil is because it may worsen adverse effects. The doctor did not tell me this. I couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair for over a week due to pain. The FDA says FQs should not be prescribed as a first line treatment, but that’s what the doctor did. There are so many safer alternatives. Fluoroquinolone Toxicity
  • Anyways, I’ve decided that I don’t want to see doctors that won’t listen to and don’t have time for patients anymore. I want to find a doctor who will really sit down with you and try to understand you holistically, not just diagnose and prescribe. I know, money is important in life. Doctors and hospitals make more money when they spend less time with each patient. They make more money when they prescribe drugs and do surgeries. But is that the best for the patients? No. Patients deserve to have doctors who spend the time to listen and try to understand them, doctors who try to teach them how to promote health and prevent illness, not just with drugs. But of course, not much money is made that way. Perhaps it’s time we learn to take control of our own health. We cannot always trust what people tell us even if they’re a doctor. We should research it and make decisions for ourselves.