We live in a consumerist society. Ads and marketing target us all the time, luring us into buying things, more and more things. If you had this, you would be happy! If you bought this, you would be beautiful. Then you would be happy! But do all these things really bring us joy? Not everything. Not when you always have the feeling of “not enough”. Not when you always want more. Things may make you happy temporarily. But sooner or later, we’ll have something else that we desire to make us happy. We buy things, then throw them away, because they’ve grown old. They’re no longer useful or desired. We’re living life desiring things, chasing things, and we are never content.

It’s not just about material objects. It’s about everything. Money, jobs, house, car, friends, lovers, body, achievements, vacations, time, situations. If only life were like this, I would be happy. Why can’t we just be content unconditionally? We cannot always control life. If we are always chasing for more, we will not be grateful for what we have now.

A lot of people in society value thing such as having a high-paying job, a nice house, a nice car, nice clothes, a perfect body, lots of friends, lots of achievements, etc. A “perfect” life. But life is not perfect. And we do not need perfection to be happy. In fact, desiring perfection will only lead to suffering, because it is unattainable. Just try your best. But we cannot allow ourselves to depend on external factors.

What do we really need in life? Healthy food, water, fresh air, good sleep, nature, a close support system, basic shelter, clothes, safety. We do not need all the fancy things in life. It is perfectly fine if you like these things, but do not allow the lack of these things to make you feel dissatisfied with life. When you think you don’t have enough, just know that you will never have enough. Just be happy with what you have now.